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Sony Vaio Flip 13 review

Sony's latest Vaio may be a premium convertible that quite virtually flips between portable computer and pill mode whenever you would like. several corporations have tried to make devices that supply the simplest of each worlds, and we have seen devices that break into 2 items, twist, flip, bend all the means around, and customarily need the user to place up with plenty of compromises. a number of these product have oddly formed or placed elements, whereas others square measure simply too large and underpowered to be of sensible use.
The Vaio Flip thirteen is that the smallest of a trio of latest Vaio hybrids that escort an easy nevertheless elegant double-hinged style that lets the screen flip that the portable computer will be closed with the screen facing outward. For an in depth examine the mechanism and the way it works, scrutinize our 1st impressions of the Vaio Flip lineup.

Now that we've the Flip thirteen in our science laboratory for a review, we'll see simply however well that hinge holds up in real-world use conditions, and whether or not the remainder of the device is sweet enough to form it price recommending.

Looks and construction quality
All 3 models within the Vaio Flip line have a particular line across the center of the lid, that is really the second hinge. The higher lid and keyboard deck have a brushed metal end, however square measure extremely at risk of smudging, and fingerprints appear on the surface terribly quickly.

The sides and bottom square measure fabricated from a soft-touch matte plastic, and each square measure comparatively plain. there's not abundant round the sides: 2 USB three.0 ports, one HDMI socket, Associate in Nursing SD card reader, and one three.5mm receiver jack square measure all you will find in terms of property. alittle lip runs round the laptop's edge, which does not hinder any of the ports however can create life tough if you are attempting to connect an oversized pen drive or USB electronic device. there is a power button on the proper edge and a volume rocker simply round the corner on the rear. A slim speaker grille is placed on either aspect, and an oversized air vent takes up around a 3rd of the left aspect. the rear is totally blank, although the lens system and a rather out-of-place 

Windows eight sticker.

The keyboard is backlit, and astonishingly there's no road key to regulate or close up the backlight. fortunately the trackpad is that the same size as a daily notebook's. way too several hybrid product compromise the scale, placement or sort of inform device used, however Sony extremely has managed to form this device look and behave rather like a notebook once it's in getting used mutually.

Examining the Flip thirteen up shut, we're affected by the standard of construction all around. The hinge actually is neat. That stripe across the duvet is really a rubber diaphragm, covering the hinge at the purpose wherever the screen pivots. this offers it a bit play just in case of rough handling. There are vital gaps between the body and lid once the Flip thirteen is accordion down into pill mode, however we tend to ne'er felt that this weakens the device. Magnets keep the screen in situ notwithstanding that means it's positioned, and it takes a conjunct effort to flip it. The lockup latch ensures that the screen stays facing forward after you open and shut the portable computer lid, however once you get a feel of however the hinge works, you would possibly not truly ever use it.

There is slightly of body flex once sound the screen within the middle, that is unfortunate. Sony claims that the Vaio Flip style has undergone vital testing, throughout that the screen was flipped around thousands of times and huge lateral pressure was applied to the screen. decision making by the build quality, we're inclined to believe Sony's assurances that these problems don't weaken the chassis.

However, the keyboard may be a massive disappointment. we tend to found it means too shallow and mushy for comfy writing. They keys square measure in good order spaced out, however the chassis is thus skinny that there simply is not space for a satisfying mechanical action. The trackpad's click is equally shallow, however the majority faucet to click thus this is not extremely a haul.

The Flip 13's charger gets a special mention here. the facility brick is pretty small and light-weight, and there is a USB port on the facility brick itself thus you'll be able to leave your phone or tablet's charger reception after you travel. additional apparently, Sony has return up with a very new power instrumentation for the portable computer. The charger's plug is brief and short, with a pronounced indentation all the means around. The laptop's socket is additionally quite shallow, with four pins designed to snap into the indentation. This keeps the 2 sides in constant contact whereas permitting the plug to rotate freely within the socket.

It's a nice plan, however it'll take some obtaining wont to. The plug simply does not feel firmly connected, and it wiggles around and seems like it's planning to fall out all the time. utterly in contrast to Apple's MagSafe chargers that square measure designed to initiate once jostled, this style ensures the plug stays firmly connected to the socket though you yank the wire quite arduous. We're unsure why Sony thought this was necessary: it will allow you to move the Vaio Flip around once blocked in, however it's awkward and appears an effort at determination a haul that does not exist.


The Vaio Flip thirteen may be a premium device with specifications to match. It uses Associate in Nursing Intel Core i5-4200U central processing unit, that may be a low-tension variant running at one.6GHz. Graphics square measure taken care of by the Intel HD 4400 GPU integrated into the central processing unit. there is 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive. The screen is crisp, running at 1920x1080. examine it at simply the proper angle and you may see a virtually invisible array of dots, indicating that the screen has a full of life analog-digital converter for stylus support. Sony has created no mention of this feature anyplace, that is stunning.

Sony encompasses a long history of success within the audio and video markets, most notably with its Sony Hi-Fi and Bravia brands. the corporate has taken variety of trademark options from each, together with Triluminous show (which guarantees a wider color gamut as hostile typical panels) and X-Reality (which claims to form moving pictures additional clear).

There's conjointly a collection of audio signal process tweaks that embrace leveling settings, a volume boost, and virtual surround sound. Sony's description of those options guarantees "soul-shaking clarity", "dynamic bass and soaring highs", Associate in Nursingd an "unmistakably made audio experience". There are a collection of options with names like Clear Audio and, xLoud, Clear section, VPT, Voice Zoom and S-FORCE. whereas these look nice on Sony's promoting materials, we do not suppose standard users are ready to tell abundant of a distinction between the Vaio Flip thirteen and the other portable computer, except maybe once it involves the Clear Audio and equalisation settings.

On the code front, our Vaio Flip thirteen review sample came running Windows eight, tho' in fact you'll be able to update to eight.1 through the Windows App Store at no charge. Sony has enclosed variety of applications each for the normal desktop and also the trendy Windows eight atmosphere. Vaio center may be a neat program that provides you fast access to settings regarding the battery, fan speed, keyboard backlight, external displays, sound effects, and others.

The software's neatest bit is Network Profiles. Whenever you connect with a wireless network, Vaio center can recollect it and provide to save lots of your network settings so they'll be modified on the fly on every occasion you connect. If your home and workplace need completely different scientific discipline address settings, as an example, this utility takes the manual estimate of fixing them. You get a 60-day free trial of Norton on-line Backup and 3 months of Trend small Ti security.

Vaio Clip is a picture organisation app that allows you to crop or choose parts from larger pictures and save them for later reference. Vaio Paper may be a easy note-taking app that supports stylus or finger input. Vaio Care provides you fast access to Sony's after-sales support team and shows tips on safety and biotechnology. Then there square measure variety of third-party apps together with Arcsoft Camera, Reliance massive Flix, Gaana, Shufflr, and also the Times of India.

Most fascinating is that the Sony Jive app, since one in all the promotions on the Vaio Flip series is 3 months of unlimited music downloads. there is clearly plenty of music, together with Indian and international alternatives, however organisation and navigation square measure poor. The files you get square measure 128kbps MP3s, thus we're not extremely excited concerning obtaining them without charge.


We ran the Vaio Flip thirteen through electric battery of subjective and objective benchmark tests. It scored well on show quality, aesthetic charm and construction quality. It lost out owing to the relative lack of ports and also the subpar keyboard.

Performance was snappy all around, and that we recorded respectable scores all told our benchmarks. The Vaio Flip thirteen is clearly forced by its low-tension processor and also the integrated Intel graphics, however that is the exchange inherent with all skinny and light-weight laptops. we tend to got Associate in Nursing overall score of 382 in 3DMark, and uncountable 2494 and 4046 in PCMark 8's Home and Work check eventualities severally. SiSOFT Sandra unconcealed the relative weakness of the processor and strength of the SSD: central processing unit arithmetic scores were 44GIPS (integer) and twenty two.75GFLOPS (floating point), however serial browse and write scores were 517.57MBps and 121.7MBps severally.

Battery life was concerning average for current Ultrabooks. Our Battery Eater professional benchmark reportable three hours, five minutes within the normal check that stresses the system, and seven hours thirty one minutes within the passive reader check, that solely scrolls through a protracted text document on screen until the battery dies.

Videos up to 1080p vie swimmingly, tho' we tend to did notice that we wanted to bump the screen brightness all the far to actually fancy them. we tend to conjointly lost a fast road to show the keyboard backlight off, since it got distracting once look videos in a very dark space. Sound, even with Sony's various aforesaid optimisations, wasn't extremely spectacular. The speakers square measure simply too skinny and tinny. perhaps that is why Sony is bundling a combine of headphones with all Vaio Flips for a restricted amount.

Photos loving the 8-megapixel rear camera were blockish and overprocessed. we tend to would not extremely hassle mistreatment it for any price, and it's with sensible reason that a camera on rock bottom of your portable computer ought to be the last one you switch to in any scenario.

One final thing to notice is that the Flip thirteen did get a bit hot once running tests and taking part in HD video. It wasn't enough to form the bottom uncomfortable, however it did create the fan spin up audibly. If you are holding it as a pill in landscape mode, your mitt can hinder the only vent and things can get uncomfortable rather quickly.

Sony has managed to style a refined hybrid Ultrabook; maybe one in all the simplest styles we have seen. Dell's XPS twelve encompasses a similar style within which the screen flips at intervals Associate in Nursing external frame, however it is not quite as trendy. genus Acer has conjointly tried a double hinge with the shoot for R7, however its style necessitated moving the trackpad to behind the keyboard. Sony's implementation is easy, makes total sense, and simply works.

In addition to all or any its alternative attributes, Sony is providing variety of perks to early buyers: there is a free combine of headphones price Rs. 12,990; the aforesaid unlimited music transfer offer; one year's accidental harm cover; and a reduced 2 year warrantee extension. there is conjointly a six-month EMI theme on some banks' credit cards. of these things ought to be taken into consideration once evaluating the device's worth proposition.

We believe the Vaio Flip thirteen is additional appropriate for recreation than productivity, primarily owing to the shallow keyboard. there is conjointly no denying that it is a terribly expensive product. you will be paying a premium for the distinctive mechanism, thus it is not worthwhile unless you are truly planning to use it as each a pill and a portable computer. If, on the opposite hand, your main aim is to possess an especially trendy portable computer which will be the centre of attention whenever you whip it out, this can be the most well liked one to travel for right away.

Extremely slim and trendy
Convenient to use as each a portable computer and a pill
Reasonably sensible performance
Hinge feels sturdy

Keyboard is just too uncomfortable
Limited ports and enlargement
Ratings (out of 5):
Design: 4.5
Display: 4
Performance: three.5
Software: three.5
Battery Life: three.5
Value for Money: three
Overall: 3.5

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