Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera

Samsung is unveiling a brand new flagship for its line of NX mirrorless cameras — compact alternatives to DSLRs that even have interchangeable lenses. Besides upgraded specs, the NX300 brings one or two of novel features: Wi-Fi property and also the ability to shoot 3D with a special lens.

The NX300 encompasses a huge APS-CMOS detector capable of capturing pictures up to 20.3 megapixels .To assist in low light-weight, the ISO rating will go as high as twenty 25,600, and a brand new hybrid optical device system is alleged to lock onto targets quicker. Shutter speed will be as fast as 1/6,000 of a second, and with continuous shooting engaged, you'll be able to snap 9 pics in each one of these seconds.

Things get fascinating once you activate the dual-band Wi-Fi affiliation. It will smell out hotspots, of course, however its main purpose is to attach to a phone or pill. together with your mobile device running the Samsung good Camera app, you'll be able to relay photos directly and mechanically. The app can even act as a foreign optical device, holding you snap pics while not touching the camera (or even being close to it).

When equipped with the new Samsung 45mm/f1.8 lens (sold singly for $599.99), you'll be able to shoot video or snap still pics in 3D. The lens uses a special technology (similar to ISee3D's) that may capture 3D pictures from one lens, that covers up one facet of the frame (while still exploitation the complete image sensor), each the left and right ,in speedy succession. pictures captured with the frame half-covered area unit slightly offset, making the 3D result.

With the lens, you'll be able to switch to regular 2nd capture at any time, thus it will work with alternative NX cameras still. there is conjointly no compromise on resolution — it shoots video at a pristine 1080p notwithstanding the full dimensions.

The camera feels nice within the hand, and also the retro style is pretty. The controls area unit to a small degree daunting — it still has the regular arrows and menu buttons additionally to the bit screen, a questionable alternative however graspable considering the "prosumer" target market.

Samsung showed some 3D footage loving the camera, that was passable, though it's no Avatar. Still, it's nice to own the choice.

Without the lens or battery, the camera is simply one.6 inches thick and weighs 9.8 ounces. Samsung plans to unleash the NX300 in March for the good deal of $749.99, paired with a 20-50mm lens. Bonus: you furthermore may get a replica of the most recent version of Adobe Lightroom.

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