Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review - Samsung Galaxy S5 16-megapixel camera

Selective Focus may be a neat feature that, as on some high-end Nokia Lumia phones, helps you to select a a lot of shallow depth of field once you're taking the shot. It worked well and was simple to use, however there's a good quantity of premeditation needed -- you'll have to press the on-screen management 1st. I do like that you just will keep piece of writing the selective focus as again and again as you would like.

I noticed a number of different new options further that Samsung did not emphasize in our informing or at the launch event. Virtual Tour is style of like Google's picture Sphere app, wherever it will compile a 360-degree read of your surroundings, that is then compete in an exceedingly video. It worked rather well in my check, and shares files either as a show or as stills. I may see myself victimisation it to share a scene with family and friends.

Looks like it can be time to begin brushing informed your ballistic capsule piloting skills slightly prior to we'd have guessed.

Panning is another feature that work like an action freeze-frame shot. once taking the image, you'll edit the character of the background blur whereas your subject remains sharply focused . I wasn't able to get enough real action at Samsung's booth to form this work as it's supposed.

The S5's camera app consolidates an entire mess of apps into one read known as Shot & additional. This includes modes like Best pic, Best Face, Eraser, Drama, and also the Panning mode we have a tendency to simply talked concerning. you select this mode before taking a photograph, then decide from the shooting modes that employment with every pic best.

One neat very little feature is having the ability to leap into the camera settings (which look wonderful) to pull a setting into the shortcuts bar. Another is that you simply will store photos in 

All along, the updated visuals that process the icons and on-screen controls facilitate create regarding everything in Samsung's Galaxy S5 camera polished and simple to use.

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