Tuesday, 11 February 2014

RC Drone - Nano Quad

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Good things are available tiny packages and this fun-packed marvel of shrinking is that the world’s tiniest RC drone.

To quote Blink 182’s ‘All the little things’: “I'll take one carry, your ride best trip…” and that’s positively the case with the Nano Quad small Quadcopter. It won’t deliver your Amazon goodies or be deployed by the military to hold out remote operations against immodest foreigners however it'll place a unclean nice manure-munching smile on your fizzog.

Measuring simply half dozen.4 cm from rotor tip to rotor tip, deliberation a mouse-bothering eleven.3g (0.4oz) ANd manufacturing a drone like an angry vespid wasp, flying the Nano is actually a bit like piloting an oversized bug… albeit one tricked out with dazzling red and blue LEDs. sort of a four-prop’d dance palace darning needle.

The designers have created each effort has been created to strip the ‘copter of extraneous material so as to stay the burden down and accomplish the tiniest attainable footprint; to the extent that it resembles nothing most as a skidlid-sporting flying printed circuit. and since of that pared down aesthetic, a full charge of its three.7 V one hundred mAh LiPo battery - via the telephone set - can keep the Quad aloft for a decent 5-10 minutes.

But simply because it’s tiny, don’t assume the easy-to-fly Nano can’t handle somewhat of playground rough housing… au contraire, it will absorb penalisation sort of a silly boxer. The odd rotor would possibly ping off if you get somewhat kamikaze however it’s terribly simple to repair (and it conjointly it comes with four spares).

If you are looking for a containerful of fun that you simply will fly around your front room or workplace, otherwise you wish to get your jollies bombing run ants while screaming “get some!”, then step this way… It’s lots less bovver with a hover!

The Lowdown
One-piece PCB frame with diode lights (indicates front and back of the heli, and conjointly helps in low lightweight flying)
Indoor use solely. Approx. 50m range
For ages fourteen and higher than
Requires a pair of x aortic aneurysm batteries (not included)
Pack includes: Nano Quadcopter, four channel a pair of.4GHz radio with digital trims, 100mAh 3.7V LiPo battery, USB charge wire, four spare rotor blades and directions

Tech Specs:
Dimensions: one.8 x 1.8" (45 x 45mm)
Weight: 11.3g (0.4oz)
NB: thanks to its terribly tiny size, the Proto-X features a intrinsic LiPo battery that's not designed to get replaced. trying to get rid of or replace the Lipo battery can possible injury the quadcopter. additionally, precise placement of the battery is crucial for correct CG, balance and performance and is not suggested for client replacement.

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