Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nokia X Software Platform: Android-Windows

Nokia X Software Platform: An Android-Windows

The new Nokia X Software Platform unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014 is kind of like the wedding adage: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Here, the phone-maker borrows, bends, and recombines elements of Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia's own Asha OS as a response to a particularly sticky conundrum: how to make users' beloved Android apps run on a non-Google-looking phone, thereby avoiding a betrayal of partner-and-soon-to-be-parent Microsoft.

The result's a clumsy integration that does not do justice to any of the hybrid platform's part components. for somebody accustomed to all 3 inspirations, the Nokia X OS mashup is AN ill-fitting combine at the best ANd an unholy union at the worst.

I'm one for full revealing here: this summation represents my initial impressions once a really short amount with the Nokia X phone, however i will update this once defrayment a lot of active time with the device here at MWC -- therefore my views square measure subject to vary.

Start screen
First things initial. The Nokia X OS will offer you a look screen that beams out data from the lock screen, just like the time and message alerts.

When you unlock the device, you are greeted by a begin screen that appears sort of a Bizarro version of Windows Phone OS. to place it flat out, a budget knock-off visuals may use some work. simply because Nokia X phones square measure by design low price, it doesn't suggest that the OS ought to ought to look low-rent, too.

Blocks of tiles run along on the interface (though it's just like the Phone, People, and electronic messaging icons ar static.) notwithstanding you manually drag tiles right down to produce a gutter between rows, the impact is mussy overall. It does not seem that you simply will separate the consolidated columns. On the and aspect, some tiles ar dynamic a la Windows Phone -- just like the calendar, for example -- and you'll reorder them with a retardant and a drop.

You can size tiles, too, abundant the means that you simply would in Windows Phone, by pressing and holding the tile and choosing the larger or smaller of 2 sizes. you are conjointly able to add widgets to your home screen, and make folders that appears rather like tiles, a trick that Nokia pushed move into its "Black" update.

Unlike Windows Phone OS, there's no complete list of your put in apps that is break away what you have got fastened to the beginning screen. With Nokia X, your covered home screen is your app receptacle. this is not a nasty thanks to roll in the hay, however it will mean it may take longer to find associate degree app if you have got an extended list. Never fear, there is a file manager in addition, that is otherwise to seek out and move with apps.

The second home screen on Nokia X code Platform is a lot of or less your newsfeed. It compiles recent app activity, calendar appointments, social messages, texts, e-mail, and every one the remainder.

Quick access and notifications
Swiping down from the highest of the screen to access the phone's command center may be a pretty accepted mechanical man paradigm. With Nokia X OS, too, swiping from the highest permits you to get at Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles, likewise as your sound profile.

Hidden mechanical man at the core
Tucked away at a lower place the Nokia X interface is that the throbbing heart of Google's mechanical man ASCII text file. To be specific, Nokia uses AOSP, or mechanical man Open supply Project, that permits coders to use the files any approach they please.

Apps and services
Here's what you get as you inspect the house screen wherever your app icons live: social networking titles like Facebook and Twitter, Nokia Here Maps, Nokia combine Radio, Skype, Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage, and Microsoft Outlook. There ar all the necessities, too, like associate timepiece, file manager, and music player.

High hurdles ahead
My short time with Nokia X code Platform bubbled up lots of questions about regular usability. however straightforward can it extremely be to search out and install the apps i need, and the way well can they extremely run?

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