Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nokia Treasure Tag tries to keep your valuables safe

The device pairs with a Lumia telephone via near-field communication and alerts homeowners once they leave the house while not labeled things.

Nokia unveiled a brand new mobile accessory to limit your possibilities of losing one thing valuable.

Dubbed the Nokia Treasure Tag, the match box-sized accent connects to Lumia devices via near-field communication or Bluetooth low energy. you'll be able to attach the tag to something valuable -- keys or a notecase ar the examples Nokia offered up.
Nokia explained, that as you allow the house your Lumia device, the Treasure Tag emits associate degree attentive to inform you have|that you've got|that you have} left your keys or notecase (or no matter item you've tagged) behind. The tone can still sound till the Treasure Tag has been discovered. constant happens if you allow your house with a labeled item in hand, however you forget to grab your Lumia. Nokia supplemental that you simply may find your labeled item on a map via the Nokia Treasure Tag app if you miss the alert.

The Treasure Tag app, offered within the Windows Phone Store, mechanically tracks the labeled things and shows their locations on your Lumia telephone. Up to four Treasure Tags is used at constant time.
The main thrust of the device looks to be keys. once deed the house or the other place, people generally have their keys and mobile phones in-hand. however we've all forgotten our keys (or notecase or purse) from time to time. Treasure Tag tries to unravel the matter of forgotten or lost accessories.
Nokia's Treasure Tag is touch store shelves globally in Gregorian calendar month. it's going to price $29.90 at launch.

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