Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mask lets you breathe underwater without oxygen tanks

The rebreather, a system that enables you to breathe underwater, possesses man Bond out of some difficult things.

Now one South Chosonn designer Korea has taken inspiration from the spy’s device to make an inspiration appliance that claims to instantly rework the user into a person's fish. 

The mask, dubbed Triton, acts sort of a fish gill to extract atomic number 8 from water so the user will stick with it respiration whereas underneath the ocean.

While it's going to not be as slick as a rebreather, designer Jeabyun Yeon, UN agency came up with the idea, believes it'll modification the method folks approach water.

To use Triton, swimmers would bite down on a plastic mouth piece. 
Two arms, that vary to the perimeters of the Aqua-Lung mask, will then operate as economical gills to deliver atomic number 8.

The scaly texture on the arms conceal tiny holes within the material wherever water is sucked in. 
Chambers within separate the atomic number 8 and unleash the liquid so the user will breathe well within the ocean.
Using a terribly tiny however powerful small mechanical device, the idea system would compress atomic number 8 and store it in tanks.

The entire appliance is battery-powered by small battery that is around thirty times smaller than a current battery which will quickly charge one,000 times quicker.

But you will have to be compelled to wait somewhat longer before inserting associate order because the product continues to be at idea stage. 

A future product’ that would in the future replace sophisticated Aqua-Lung instrumentality.

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