Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lumus military-grade eyewear

Lumus has long developed wide-awake displays for the America military, however currently it's employing a developer kit referred to as the DK-40 to bring its Housing and Urban Development school to wearables outside the field of battle. The contraption's 1st stop was the CES show floor, therefore we tend to could not resist putt our fingerprints everywhere it. The key feature of the DK-40 is that the "optical engine", that eliminates the requirement for a thick piece of glass to accommodate a considerably sized prism. For the foremost half, the lens is clear, however refracting light-weight will sometimes catch the prisms and cue you (again) that it is not unexceptional eyewear. And as if one show wasn't enough, the firm says it's potential to feature a second for the left eye. people with visual sense problems will attach a combine of prescription lenses that rest on the nose grips, however the firm is additionally developing a version wherever the medically prescribed glass are secured to the lenses.

While the overall type is harking back to Google Glass, Lumus' style will look additional sort of a ancient set of spectacles. once it involves school specs, the device fits a 640 x 480 color show (as critical 640 x 360 on Glass), 5MP camera, gyroscope, measuring device and a compass into a package that is not a lot of heavier than Google's wearable. although the plastic bulge that homes the camera and elements is fairly giant, the hardware keeps a reasonably slick look overall, with a metal alloy and plastic build. similar to Glass, the gadget's battery hangs over a user's right ear.

As for software system, Lumus' wearable is barebones: it runs automaton four.1.2 with little or no -- if any -- optimizations. there is no touchpad on the contraption itself, however a companion automaton app with a virtual mat and menu keys handles navigation. It's never the best thanks to cruise around a face-worn contraption, however it's serviceable for a dev kit.

Lumus envisages its hardware are utilized in everything from medical to industrial fields, and it additionally hopes to license the technology behind the lens show to contraption manufacturers WHO might doubtless target shopper applications. Ultimately, the DK-40 may be a developer playground.

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