Wednesday, 12 February 2014

iPhone 6 speculation goes bezel-less

Apple is testing An iPhone 6 with a bezel-free style, the newest long line of rumors regarding an iPhone that puts a lot of options behind the glass.

Will the iPhone 6 finally ditch the bezel? the $64000 issue is a smaller amount sure, though.
The latest speculation that says that Apple could bring out a bezel-free iPhone 6 that supports fingerprint scanning.

The rumor was wide rumored in blogs that follow Apple.

A bezel-free style -- that some publications depict as AN edge-to-edge show -- would presumptively need the fingerprint scanner to be incorporated into the show. On the iPhone 5S, fingerprint scanning is completed via the house button.

This is by no suggests that a primary for this rumor. Speculation regarding iPhone 6 with AN edge-to-edge show has been around for years.

The problem is, the $64000 next-gen iPhone - iPhone 6, is not due for an extended time.
So, Apple may all right be testing a bezel-free style, however what the corporate ultimately decides is unknown.

And note that there have also been reports of a planned iPhone 6 with glass that is curved at the edges.

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