Wednesday, 12 February 2014

iHome iP76 LED color-changing speaker

Music simply is not the same while not a number of flashing colours to travel with it, right? iHome, at least, appears to assume thus. Its initial Glowtunes speaker tower, the new iP76, comes filled with LEDs in seven completely different hues that may fade, pulse or stroboscope as your play list needs. The three-foot iP76 sports a dock for your iPhone or iPod and packs four speakers with Reson8 technology. there is additionally Bluetooth for streaming from alternative devices. The iP76 can continue sale for $200 in July. Already dreaming regarding all the sonic light-weight shows you may host? Jump past the break for a few press data to tide you over.

Glowtunes line continues to evolve and provide a large vary of speakers for today's most well liked transmission devices

The design and array of options can create the iP76 stand higher than the competition

The three-foot high iP76 light-emitting diode Color dynamic Tower Bluetooth Stereo loudspeaker livens up any area with its vivacious color palette, ability to stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices; charge iPhones and iPods once docked, and send video content from your device to your tv via the intrinsical part video outputs. The unit will be custom-built to feature your favorite color and boasts a spread of choices like color fade, pulse to music and stroboscope result for the last word music and lightweight show.

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