Tuesday, 18 February 2014

HTC One 2 | HTC M8

HTC has simply declared the release date of HTC One 2 or HTC M8 as March 25.

Originally thought to be declared at next week’s Mobile World Congress in urban center, it looks that HTC’s follow-up to it seems that HTC’s follow-up to its successful One has been delayed, allowing Samsung to get its Galaxy S5 out into consumer hands first.

The One two is rumoured to pack the same metal casing to last year’s style, however packing a rather larger show somewhere within the five-inch region. package wise, it’s expected to come back loaded with Google’s latest mechanical man four.4 Kitkat software system lined in HTC’s Sense skin.

One attention-grabbing rumour, as shown in leaked photos is that the inclusion of a second rear-camera. It’s understood that this isn’t for 3D photos, however are going to be the primary phone to use dual-camera technology to boost focus and overall image quality.

Even though the HTC One two isn’t reaching to be declared at MWC currently, it doesn’t mean the event are going to be wanting device launches with Samsung expected to announce its new Galaxy S5 flagship, still as devices from Sony, Nokia, BlackBerry and LG.

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