Thursday, 13 February 2014

HP Slate 6 review

HP, the big tech company that it's, will opt to call the new 6-inch device a smartphone, or perhaps a phablet, however we tend to square measure pretty certain that the HP Slate vi Voice  is one. Here is why.

It looks and appears like a smartphone: If you had doubts of what the Slate vi Voice would appear as if, you'd be frustrated after you opened the box. For it's like all alternative six-inch smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z or the HTC One scoop. Six inches means that any adult will simply grip the phone and build a decision. Six inches means that you'll afford to not invest during a Tab to travel beside your phone. The Slate vi has very good build quality, the sort you'd expect from a corporation like HP that has invariably splashy with premium devices. However we tend to aren't therefore certain regarding the bling issue. There’s a champagne end tinny frame that runs around that device beside a shiny texture back. Not for everybody i'd say.

It will everything that a phone does: Seven in. let’s with voice square measure primarily lets that permit you create voice calls too. that's meant for those that would use the device primary for let-like data-heavy uses. With the Slate vi, you don’t got to build that sacrifice. Use it even as a phone and you'd be quite happy. Yes, it's troublesome to form calls with one hand. however folks won’t stare at you if you retain this device to your ear, in contrast to those employing a dejeuner box-sized Tab for constant. The audio quality is actually smart, which may be a and for all lets with voice don’t do all that well on this front. In alternative words, you'll use this as a phone while not a Bluetooth device, that's nearly a necessity with voice s. Plus, it's 2 SIM slots. what percentage lets does one recognize that do that?

Its performance rivals top-end smartphones: Any Tab with voice job can have the performance of a Tab, which frequently isn't at par therewith of a smartphone. It won’t take you long to understand that the Slate vi is totally different. it's not steam-powered by a Quallcomm or MediaTek processor, however the poet PXA1088 one.2Ghz Quad Core is quick and slick. The multi-tasking that humanoid four.3 affords you is seamless and simple due to the powerful processor. If benchmarks scores square measure your dope, then let ME tell you that the scores square measure what you'd notice within the best mid-range phones. that may be higher than the Samsung Galaxy S2 and below Google Nexus four, numbers nearly not possible to realize for this day

voice lets. Use the complete HD screen for diversion or to observe a HD video, you won’t be frustrated with the graphics quality or the expertise. Plus, it's 2 front firing speakers that square measure ne'er seen in lets.

It is additionally priced sort of a smartphone: lately, seven-inch voice lets are priced quite affordably. however the Slate vi is priced a lot of sort of a middle phase smartphone at a awfully competitive $365

However, it's the camera of let: With all those smartphone like options listed higher than you'd expect this device to possess a minimum of a 8MP camera. however that's not the case. It looks this wherever HP determined to chop corners, because the rear camera contains a meager 5MP device. Compare this to the opposite six-inchers that sport 13MP then on. The results square measure good in daylight and really so-so inside and in low light-weight. In artificial light-weight it lacks clarity which is extremely disappointing. And yes, it jogs my memory of lets, not smartphones.
It additionally has the battery of a Tab, which is good: this can be one amongst the simplest options of this device. The 3000 mAh battery will simply last thirty six hours with good use. it'll last a lot of if you're exploitation it sort of a second device. If solely a lot of smartphones behaved this fashion.

So must you obtain this as a Tab or a smartphone: If you're longing for a Tab which will build calls once during a whereas then hunt for cheaper choices. however if you would like smartphone that's pretty much as good as a Tab, then this can be an honest choice that's less expensive than than the Samsung Galaxy Note three, the clear leaders during this phase. however the device is sweet price for cash while not a component of doubt.

Tech Specs: 6-inch 720p HD IPS screen | 1.2GHz quad-core Marvell PXA1088 processor | 1GB RAM | 16GB storage + microSD slot (64GB) | 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera | Dual SIM slots 2G/3G | 3000 mAh battery | Android 4.3 |  Buletooth 3.0, WiFi – 802.11b/g/n & WAPI, GPS&AGPS

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