Wednesday, 12 February 2014

GlassUp unveils its prototype

Google Glass rival GlassUp is unveiling its 1st public image. Italy-based startup contains a great distance to travel to catch up to this sensible glasses leader.

The company’s plans to contour the device going forward.

GlassUp truly started building its wearable alert show before Google declared Glass. and also the company’s goal is that the terribly opposite of machine — and also the opposite of what has long been one in all the highest objections to Google Glass: that tumbler causes you to appear as if a Star Trek scholar. GlassUp can appear as if a normal combine of fashion lenses, Giartosio says, and thus won’t stand out as a technical school accent, however rather a fashion accent.

At the instant, though, that’s a future goal instead of a current reality.

The current GlassUp may be a image that's re-sizable in order that folks with massive or tiny heads will attempt the new technology.

The angle at that you see notifications, the sizing, and also the work all contribute to a far better expertise.

But it will have a control on what the device appearance like: geeky, virtually associate degree updated version of steampunk, and not finished or polished.

GlassUp, that raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo, is presently raising another $165,000 via crowdfunding-for-equity startup Seedrs to require its prototypes all the thanks to its meant goal, that is providing wearable technology that fades into the background as a straightforward fashion accent, whereas still providing all the advantages of a sensible glasses platform.

GlassUp can be feeling lucky that tumbler continues to be not within the market in massive numbers — though there's no shortage of different competitors, starting from a small five-person startup in Massachusetts with a $200 sensible glasses product to the already-shipping $600 Recon Jet

GlassUp comes updates, directions, and emails near the middle of your vision, that reduces weariness and is additional natural.

In addition, the device doesn't embody a camera, which suggests that there area unit none of the privacy problems that Google has moon-faced with Glass.

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