Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Forget text, use 'Smoke' messages


German hacker has currently developed a tool that uses smoke - rather than any text, video or photograph - to facilitate secret communication.

The new SMS or Smoke electronic messaging Service (SMS), Developed by German discoverer Dennis de Bel, uses a hardware add-on (or cover) for the iPhone.

First showcased at a recent exhibition in Berlin recently, the SMS epitome could lead on to the revivification within the ancient art of victimisation smoke for communication.

Smoke electronic messaging Service takes your device to successive level

This iPhone hardware offers you safe, long distance and communication for free of charge

How will it work?

At the push of a button, lamp-oil is heated and volatilized, causing to a small degree cloud of smoke up within the air right before of the phone's camera.

This cloud might doubtless be picked up by the camera and translated in period

But, that's for later implementation For currently, to create use of this novel SMS, the participants should bear in mind of the code of signals.

For example, 3 puffs is 'hello', five puffs is 'hello, i am coming back home later'

Smoke is taken into account one in every of the earliest technologies for long distance communication.

Smoke signal is employed even nowadays by the faculty of Cardinals to reveal the choice of a replacement Pope.

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