Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Flappy Bird in Windows Phone

You might have noticed AN unknown name at the highest of the app charts: a newcomer known as Flappy Bird.

The erst unknown game, created by "passionate indie game maker" Doug Nguyen with Vietnam-based developer .GEARS Studios, is presently sitting atop the free app list in Apple's App Store and Google Play. however if this can be the primary you are hearing of it, you are not alone.
The game initial hit the App Store in might 2013, however did not reach the highest of the charts till last month. it had been free in Google Play on Gregorian calendar month. 30, and is currently the highest free app there yet.

Like different mobile sensations like Dots, the premise of Flappy Bird is simple: faucet your phone's screen to flap your bird's wings and navigate it through the air whereas avoiding Super Mario-like pipes on your route. It's straightforward, however it's undoubtedly hard.
Each time you fly through a combine of pipes, you get some extent. once each ten points, you get a honor. Your goal is to induce all four medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (described as "hard") and, atomic number 78 ("very hard").

There's additionally a world leaderboard, wherever the simplest players square measure reaching insane voluminous nine,999. to place that into perspective, the primary time i attempted my hand at Flappy Bird, I got a dismal score of two. Currently, the leaderboard says there square measure quite eighteen million players.
If you are within the mood to kill a while, explore Flappy Bird for yourself within the App Store or Google Play.

Windows Phone users can shortly be ready to take part on the high-flying fun yet. Nguyen tweeted this weekend that a version for Window Phone is unfinished approval from Microsoft, and may be out there within the coming back days.

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