Monday, 17 February 2014

Car gadget that alerts you for Forgotten phone and wallet

A new gadget that fits into your car and notifies you if you forget to bring your phone, wallet and other daily necessities has been developed. 

The gadget, known as Bringrr, fits into a car's lighter receptacle, and uses Bluetooth technology to scan for missing things in real time when you enter the vehicle. 

The new gadget will scan for any things hooked up to a BringTag - alittle, circular tag that emits a Bluetooth signal traceable by Bringrr - together with laptops, books and luggage. 

Bringrr conjointly works with Google Glass. Upon coming into your automotive, the contrivance can tell you what you're missing via Glass'.

Currently, the system solely works in an exceedingly automotive, however the creators are developing the gadget for people who rely on other means of transportation. 

The gadget is expected to cost around $29 and the  BringTags will cost around $19.

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