Sunday, 2 February 2014

Brainwavz HM5 review

As with alternative skilled headphones, the cable is clastic and comes with a one.3-meter or 3-meter cable within the box. there's conjointly a spare set of earcups once you sweat your approach through the originals.

In a competitive sense, the Audio Technicas sell for $10 a lot of however have the advantage of a considerable studio heritage and higher spoken. however except for a rather higher build the Brainwavz have many alternative things going for them. The Brainwavz headphones square measure a lot of sensitive than the ATH-M50s, that means that they will output a lot of volume and sound smart for mobile use, and they are a lot of neutral, too.

I used the Brainwavz as my main set of labor headphones for many weeks and located this neutrality to be suited to most music, however they are doing sacrifice some dynamics compared with the punchier ATH-M50s. whether or not it absolutely was the fragile strum of acoustic guitars in pastoral R.E.M. tracks or the full-blown mental breakdown of way forward for the Left, the HM5s were forever wonderful communicators. concerning the sole folks that would be foiled by these beautiful sounding cans would be dubstep fans.

While the ATH-M50s have a hotter, "rockier" sound than the Brainwavz with a fuller bass response and a lot of treble sizzle, the Brainwavz provide higher clarity and a wider soundstage. in addition, the HM5 encompasses a terribly open sound, that is extremely laborious to realize with a closed earpiece style. in contrast, another earpiece -- the a lot of pricey AKG K551 -- tried this however forwent bass response for a lot of "air" and resultingly might become high with the incorrect music.

Which headphones must you go for: the Brainwavz or the Audio-Technicas? each square measure smart at various things. If you would like one thing which will render your music and media during a dynamic approach, then select the ATH-M50s, however if you would like one thing a lot of neutral and cozy, select the Brainwavz.
As associate aside, the Brainwavz square measure apparently identical -- per Head-Fi users -- to the lindy hop HF-100 and also the Jaycar professional Monitor Headphones. whereas we won't vouch for this, all of them do seem to be sourced from Taiwanese company Yoga, and at even cheaper costs than the Brainwavz version

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  1. I bought a pair of HM5s about 6 months ago. They give you absolutely great sound for under $150 but I ran into a big problem. Both sides where the slider connects to the headphones started to crack within a week of one another. A little later pieces of plastic started falling off and now I can't take them off too fast without cutting my ear. Before you buy a pair try searching about the HM5s build quality, lots of complaints. The best part is even though I'm still under warranty they say breaking plastic is a normal result of usage even in the first six months. Pic if your interested.

    1. sorry to hear about this, But i really appreciate you sharing our experience. This is really helpful to all . Do keep sharing your valuable comments Cheers