Friday, 7 February 2014

Bluetooth speaker mouse

Cheapskate exclusive! usually $44.99, this wireless mouse doubles as a conveyable speaker and triples as a phone. And it comes in your selection of colours.

Sure, your mouse is Associate in Nursing integral a part of the computing expertise, however what has it finished you lately?
Probably simply stirred your pointer around. 

A mouse vogue wireless Bluetooth speaker with Hi-fi stereo audio.

Bluetooth version 3.0 and Built-in battery, Eco-Friendly 

Unique Blueooth speaker mouse has exclusive patent which breaks through the imagination.

It's a good quality wireless Bluetooth mouse that can compatible with most computers, 
laptops and tablets.
It's also a mouse style wireless Bluetooth speaker with Hi-fi stereo audio.
Bluetooth version 3.0 and Built-in battery, Eco-Friendly, fashionable, funny and different experience, worth owning!!!
Features: Bluetooth 3.0, good compatibility, easy and widely use!

• Transmission distance ≤10m, requisite 
for home and office 
• Ergonomic design, Silicon material, 
naturally fits your hand and feel 
• Mouse and speaker functions 2 in 1, can 
work at same time 
• Surfing the Internet while enjoying the 
music from your palm 
• Fast transmission speed provides Hi-fi 
stereo audio 
• Connected with mobile phone, answer 
calls, mouse turn to phone moment 
• Best size, carry around as your like
• Size: 121*70*38 mm 
• Material: ABS & Silicon 
• Channel: 2.0 Active Speaker 
• Frequency Response: 100-18KHz 
• Signal to Noise Ratio: 85dB 
• Speaker unit: 1.5” 
• Net Weight: 125g 
• Battery Capacity: 900mAh 
• Input: 5 V/150mA 
• Rated output: 3W 
• Charging Time: 2-3 hours 
• Working Time: 6 hours

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