Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Micro-Tower Review iBuypower Revolt

Digital Storm Bolt 

Could a last-gen chip keep the Bolt in dispute? 

Given our experience building Dream Machine consistently, we know how meeting a strict due date perpetually accelerates bargain. In reality, once in a while you manufacture a PC with the fittings you have, not the equipment you wish you had. 

That is the way Digital Storm may have been feeling when the Bolt was put away and sent in for this standoff of the speediest micro-towers on the planet. We say this in light of the fact that, of the four containers that hit our Lab seats, the Bolt was the oddball in fittings. 

The Bolt itself is minimal transformed from the past variants we've tried. It's the most slender of the group by a hair. We're additionally enthusiasts of the pointed platform. It's a really excellent tasteful and it doesn't have the same weight punishment as the Falcon Northwest's rock base. We've bitched in the past that we need the capacity to lay the Bolt on its side for utilization in home media focuses, and Digital Storm has since reacted with a really sharp result. As opposed to making each unit lay even, the organization now offers a discretionary section for $29 that connects to the side. Basically unscrew the base, mount the discretionary section, and the Bolt can run on its favor sufficient wind current to keep its segments cool. 

We're enormous fanatics of the intersecting lines on the Bolt's case. 

We're huge devotees of the calculated lines on the Bolt's case. 

To get your hands grimy with the Bolt, you undiscovered four sinks back and slide the whole blanket off. That viably provides for them you open access to the RAM, CPU, SSD, and PSU. Furthermore the Falcon Northwest Tiki, the Bolt likely ranks as having the least demanding access to parts. That being said, with the exception of the GPU, obviously. When you mean to draw the GPU, you'll have to do a few design card yoga and additionally presumably uprooting the helper PSU fan and perhaps the PSU. It's not unimaginable, additionally not a five-moment work. We may as well note that the Bolt is the main framework here with a laid open set pattern tray to enter the posterior of the CPU. This makes pulling the Zalman Cnps8900 Extreme air cooler a simple issue. 

The Bolt's external shell slides off to provide for them you simple access to its guts, and there's even a set pattern in over for the motherboard. 

The Bolt's external shell slides off to provide for them you simple access to its guts, and there's even a set pattern in over for the motherboard. 

Discussing the air cooler, we might as well likewise say that under overwhelming CPU burdens, for example, film encoding, the Bolt emerges as the loudest. It wasn't horrendous, yet it was unquestionably detectable. You can't accuse this the Zalman Cnps8900 Extreme alone. In the matter of overclocked Cpus, its really difficult to ask an air cooler to attempt to rival fluid coolers. The Falcon Northwest Tiki utilizes a 120mm fluid cooler from Asetek and the ibuypower Revolt utilizes a significantly greater 140mm NZXT Kraken X40 fluid cooler, and they rank appropriately in acoustic yield. Under CPU tasks, the ibuypower Revolt is the quietest. The Falcon Northwest Tiki has the Bolt beat, yet keeping a Haswell Core i7-4770k cool and peaceful at 4.7ghz is no simple assignment. 

Assuming that the Core i7-3770k in the Bolt were stock, it may not make as much racket, however timed up to 4.35ghz, its set to put out some hotness. Talking about Ivy Bridge vs. Haswell, the vast majority of you will need to know how the Ivy Bridge does here in a swarm of Haswell parts. 

The Alienware X51 R2, with its 3.2ghz Core i5-4430, stands no shot. It doesn't have the clock speeds nor Hyper-Threading to contend. The Falcon Northwest Tiki at 4.7ghz—truth is stranger than fiction, 4.7ghz—was punctual controlled Most Likely to Beat Everyone Bloody, before we even completed the benchmarks. No, to truly speak to the He-Nerd Haswell Haters Club, we turned to the ibuypower Revolt and its stock-timed 3.5ghz Core i7-4770k. The champ between Ivy and Hassy? We're calling it for the Ivy part. It's not a complete triumph, however generally, the Core i7-3770k dominates the competition in the CPU-overwhelming undertakings. In GPU-on-GPU movement, its for the most part a tie, as its simply Titan vs. Titan there. That is, except for the Tiki, which has an overclocked GPU, as well. 

The Digital Storm additionally takes second spot to the Tiki in reserve, yet is unmistakably more reasonable and competitive. Its arrangement reflects current tastes and use, with a 240gb Corsair Neutron GTX SSD and a 2tb WD Black drive. That is obviously better than the ibuypower, which utilizes a 120gb SSD and 1tb HDD, or the Alienware's sole 2tb hard drive design. 

What you think about the Bolt at last relies on upon the extent to which you truly need first class parts in your apparatus. We've said it before and we'll say it once more: Ivy Bridge is still a truly incredible CPU. When we had an Ivy Bridge box, we beyond any doubt wouldn't use the cash to redesign to Haswell. 

Anyway and you realized that was advancing in the event that we were building or purchasing another box, Haswell offers the best update way, a real (but evolutionary) execution overhaul, and full SATA 6gb/s over all ports. We'll concede that the recent focus doesn't generally make a difference such a great amount of in a micro-tower that will max out with two Ssds, yet we think alternate focuses are still significant and eventually harmed the Bolt's score, paying little mind to its quite exceptional executation

CPU3.4GHz Core i7-3770K @4.35GHz
MotherboardAsus P8Z77-I Deluxe
RAM16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3/1866
SSD240GB Corsair Neutron GTX
HDD2TB Western Digital Black
ODDSlot-fed Blu-ray combo
CoolingCNPS8900 Extreme
PSU500-watt Sparkle
W x H x D5.5 x 14 x 15 inches
Weight (lbs)22.2
WarrantyThree years

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