Sunday, 19 January 2014

ASUS Transformer Book T100

ASUS offers an alternate alternative for those looking for a plan Windows 8.1 tablet. 

Microsoft might just offer two official Windows tablets, yet there's really a third way you can run — with the ease T100 embodying what you can anticipate. Microsoft is apparently not intrigued by seeking after this line itself and that is honestly a small amount of astounding to us since, from various perspectives, the 10.1-inch Transformer Book T100 provides for them you the best of both planets. It mixes together a lightweight mechanism with long electric storage device life and the capability to run the full unobstructed variant of Windows 8.1, so you can in any case carry all your old projects in the interest of personal entertainment. 

The Transformer Book T100 deals with this by utilizing an Intel Atom x86 processor (the 1.33ghz Z3740), as opposed to the ARM contribute the Surface 2. It's not the first to do so — there were Windows 8 tablets a year ago that made the same guarantees as this one. In any case in all honesty, we weren't especially inspired with the original offerings; while they oversaw truly intense electric storage device life (around the 8 hour mark for a 10-inch show), those we tried in the Labs were regularly moderate and laggy, with successive postponements when starting applications and executing charges, frequently abandoning you holding up. With Intel's new tweaked Atom plan anyway, its figured out how to diminish that issue to a great degree — enough that its worth thinking of one of these set up of a Surface 2. 

While the execution on offer here clearly isn't comparable to you'll see on a Surface Pro 2, and there is back off on certain events (resizing system windows with liquid layouts frequently brought about stuttery execution) that Atom chip combined with 2gb of RAM and 64gb of interior space has enough snort here to do the fundamentals (and afterward some), additionally enough electric storage device life to keep going a full day; on the harder Pcmark 8 Home and Work tests, it kept up a respectable 7-8 hours. 

We weren't exactly as enamoured with the T100's construct quality — while the tablet itself is very strong, its still somewhat plasticky generally speaking and the force and volume catches are a tad transient and unstable to the touch. The incorporated console dock is additionally a touch less great than we're accustomed to seeing from ASUS; it doesn't have an additional electric storage device (which in any event keeps it light weight), the console keys are little and the trackpad bind was firm and empty sounding when pressed. ASUS needed to slice requires some place to keep that retail value low, we're conjecturing. 

Talking about which, this specific 64gb model offers for Us$399 in the States, so there is a touch of an imprint up here in Australia — contrasted with what else is on offer, its still generally great quality for a do-all tablet, in any case, with a satisfactory 1,366 x 768-pixel screen and a sensible weight of 550g for the tablet and 520g for the dock. 

This isn't the best or most noticeably bad Windows 8.1 tablet around, yet it does give a fascinating 'center street' alternative in the event that you're not enthusiastic about forking out a thousand for a Surface Pro 2, yet need a machine that gives rearward similarity. 

Summary: It’s not as quick as a Surface Pro 2, but this reasonably priced and lightweight Windows 8.1 tablet still has some charms.

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